Police Scanner Radio App recensioner

Police radio

App is getting better

The reporting availability isn’t showing up

Superb scanner app. However; recently the reporting feature hasn’t been showing up. Please fix this ~ as it’s a great option to have on a scanner app. Thx! : )

Best ever

I had this on my android phone. Easy to use with a decent looking GUI not to fancy and not to plain but just right

Great app

Does the job.


My town is always buffering, haven't heard a thing yet

I enjoy the app.

This is a great app to have if you want to follow local first responders on a regular basis or if you just want to answer the question: What's with all of the sirens? The sound is clear, and the voices are easily understood. The app times out eventually, but you just have to refresh it as needed.

Awesome app

This is my new favorite app!! Great and easy to use!


This app is always down, I'm very disappointed especially when I paid for the app and can't even use it.

Love it

Fun to hear what is going on around you. Also enjoy dispatchers some have unique personalities

JD Kerch

I really like this Scanner App because: 99% of the time it's online, I have found it picks up the action at least 20 miles from my location in Westmoreland County, Pa. and I like how anybody can report to other listeners what type of emergency is happening, except, I wish the app would add more choices to pick from.

Terrible app

Santa Rosa California police and Sonoma county sheriff not here what a waste of time and money

Good app

Need to try to get Waco Texas back up online please

Awesome scanner app

I give it 5 stars cause I can listen to anywhere in US and I'm org from PA Greene County and moved to Springhill Florida only thing I don't like is you can't listen to the police you can only hear the ambulance and fire trucks would be better if you could hear the police for Springhill

The Best

Just can't get any better than this!!!

Great scanner app

Covers large area


I love this app! I listen almost 24/7. When I blew my knee out about 2 yrs ago I started listening to this to pass the time. Needless to say I'm now just hooked. Thanks for the app.

best scanner


Nice app

It works really well. However, it does not pick up ALL the traffic from our local dispatch... Only selected frequencies. But nice to hear what's happening in your area even when you're miles away. One of my favorites! We can get fire and ambulance now, but State & Sheriff Police dept. have switched over to upper digital channels that are not available on this type of scanner.

Updated version

Update!! Giving 3 stars, used to be a 5 star app but keep reading, there's hope it will be again. right Here is why I give 3 right now. They have updated and it's really nice. I get a few reports here and there now. The design is much better as well. Always reliable scanning as I never had a problem with that. Never got a refund from having to download it previously though. The rest remains the same. Can't get email responses. Charged again though already paid. Never got a refund or response. App now is giving few reports but reports are back. Used to be the best all stars app!!! Seeing they updated I'm awaiting better things, one can hope!!! Never stopped using it. Just had to seek search online for things instead. Scan is always reliable, but still get some saying station not working or error. I still ask that-Please someone respond, I've tried 20 different ways and still hadn't heard from anyone.

Needs to be updated!!!

Update: New update 11/15/15 all it adds is breaking news listings. What a joke!! Still my 'near me' doesn't work. What have you done for 2 years? No updates since 2013!!! Lost Gps feature.I'm in NY and Arizona content comes up. Used to be favorite app. Not so much now a days.

Usually pretty good!

One of the better apps for scanning. Recently though the start up page where it gives you the "reports" of incidents, hasn't been working. Deleted it, redownloaded it. Still the same. Just needs a small update, but still a really good app.

Great app

Great app. Thank you to all the people taking the time to broadcast.

Great app

I like this a lot. Have to get more familiar with the 10 codes to really enjoy though. I keep looking for updates that include more in MY area


I have 4 scanner apps and for my area they are all using the same feed, which is a lousy one. It is labeled Kennewick, Pasco, Richland Public Safety. But Pasco is the only one you can hear. Soon Pasco will merge their comm center with the others so most likely there won't be anything to listen to.

Great App

Love listening to this scanner. Especially the the "Hot Scanner". But a state designation would be a great addition in the "Hot Scanner" section. In the HOT section, I can't tell if I'm listening to Cumberland Co, TN or Cumberland Co, NJ


Don't buy! They don't update the DETROIT fire at all. It's back online but not here!

Police radio

It is a good app for police it's helpfull

Like it

I tried 5-0 radio but this is clearer in Jamestown NY.


The app does not want work half the time. Please update

Use to work

This app used to work well, now I just says there's something wrong with the station and closes

Awesome app!!!

I love hearing what is going on in my county. Plus, I can help friends stay clear of certain areas when I hear something. Hearing stuff as it happens is more fun than hearing it on the news four hours later. Love this app!!!

Love this app!

It's nice to know what's going on in your area especially when you hear sirens. Compared with the cost of the old scanners, you can't beat this.

Crashes A lot

They need an update. It crashes every 5 minutes

Look no further!

Thus is the best scanner app there is.

Turns off

Trying to get Wash DC fire and ems but app says there is a problem with the station then the app closes.

Good App- Want More Coverage

The app itself works great. Wish it had more cities covered in that I travel a great deal and it's always a good way to find out what's happening.

Best app. Can save you time.

This app is the most useful one I own. Traffic jams, you hear it first, shooting in old neighborhood, your there. Love it.

Review for Police Scanner app

This version of Police Scanner has virtually done away with the glitches that plagued the earlier app versions. It's always been user friendly & easy to navigate. I liked it from the beginning, but had considered not using it due to so many glitches. Now that those are no longer issues, I recommend it to friends.

Great App

Awesome App works great and I recommend it to anybody


Great scanner. Lots of clear stations easy to use. Even better now and I've had it for a year.

Was nice

Only good for listening to other areas,all local channels seem to have been erased,lots to listen to just nothing local which was the point.

Its okay but I'm a little disappointed.

A lot of the stations that I would be listening to are either not available or have moved. I think that there should be frequent updates or attempts to find those channels.


Great app

Scanner Application

....there is but one word that best defines the application: GROOVY

The Best

I tossed my old Bearcat scanner and replaced it with this app.

Nice app

It's nice to be able to tune in anywhere in the country.


OOPS! Station must be offline or changed stations.....that's the pop up I get EVERY scanner station I try to tune to. So apps that don't do anything helpful are USELESS!!!!


Almost every scanner is offline.


Great source of information in this ever growing tragedy ridden country.

Great app

This is a great app!!

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